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 War Scene [story scene] 
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They trudged along through the mud as the rain beat down on them through the trees. It was darker than normal even for a storm, due to the sun just rising somewhere behind the clouds. One of the armor clad figures pulled off her helmet, carrying it under her arm.

"This is awful. I wish we didn't have to go down to fight." Aos Ceirde sighed.

"We have to help defend our allies. Put your helmet back on before we arrive." Master Eta told her from his place in the group. Druis glanced back, then slowed his pace to fall back in the group, picking it back up to walk alongside her. He squeezed her gloved hand, and she smiled softly.

"Have to keep the Kamis out of our forest!" Thy said enthusiastically from behind Aos, tossing his helmet back and forth between his hands, his hair slicked against his face on the left side.

"It would still be nice if the fighting stopped." Aos said quietly, her voice mostly overruled by a clash of thunder overhead that made her wince and lower her head uneasily. "So dangerous to fight in such weather..."

"Don't worry, I'll be watching over you." Druis told her softly, smiling up at her.

"I have nothing to fear then, hmm?" she asked a bit teasingly, flicking his wet braid with a hand.

"You have Jena, the Order, and you have me! What is there to fear that could overcome all of us?" the tryker asked.

"That could almost pass as a bit of wisdom, I'm impressed." Salazar said from further ahead, glancing back at them with a sly smirk.

"Well, you know, I..." Druis stopped, pausing both in speech and step as he heard the sounds of combat not so far away.

"It's already starting. On your guard, healers at the ready." Eta said as the group sped up to reach the battleground ahead.

"Kiss for luck?" Druis asked as he let go of Aos's hand. She bent down and met his lips with the mouth of her mask, her tongue brushing along them briefly before she quickly put on her helmet and drew her sword.

"Be safe! Jena with us!" the zorai girl said before she ran off into the fray.

"You as well..." the tryker sighed, watching her as he fell back to his place by Salazar, quickly preparing to cast, trying to keep his attention on his work, but his eyes often darted back to check on her.

"Druis! Try to be a bit more attentive!" Salazar yelled over the sounds of battle as the Argonaut staggered back from a blast of magical fire, and the tryker quickly turned to shower him in a series of fast surges of healing magic.

"S-Sorry." Druis stammered, dancing back away from a Fyros's axe as a man charged at him. A familiar sword deflected his next attack as Aos broke from her fight to counter him, driving the Fyros back. The tryker fervently healed her, his eyes bright with admiration.

"Don't let your heart distract your head." his superior said close to the tryker, making him jump slightly and turn his attention back to its proper place once more.

"Hypocrit." the shorter man mumbled as he watched Salazar break from restoring one of the mages to quickly heal Thy as the young man slipped into the mud. He glanced back at Aos as she stumbled to her knees, desperately trying to fend off two attackers even as she weakened. The tryker tried casting towards her, but his magic channel couldn't reach her. He bit his lip, then started towards her, only to be caught by Eta and scowled at.

"It's too dangerous for you to wander out there, mind your place." the older Matis said.

"My range is too short even with my best!" Druis protested, restoring the man's sap.

"You seemed to have had no problem up until now. One of the others will tend to those further away." the Argonaut said, sending out a magical blast into combat. Druis looked at Aos as her sword fell, then dashed ahead defiantly. "DRUIS!"

The tryker weaved through the combat, dodging under weapon slashes and between legs until he got close enough, then focused on his most powerful spell, ignoring several strikes against his back and sides. As the blue light washed over the blue girl, she pushed herself back up to her feet, grabbing her muddied sword and twirling around to down the man hitting at Druis. Aos rushed over and grabbed him by the scuff of the neck, dragging him back by the others. The two were met with surges of magical energy.

"If it's not safe for me in full combat gear, why on Atys did you think you belonged out there?" she asked him in annoynce as she set him down back by the Argonauts.

"I couldn't reach you!" he said, looking past her to heal one of the mages.

"You're not the only healer out here. Someone would have been able to..." she turned and slashed at a tryker as the shorter woman slashed at her back with a pair of daggers, "...aid me in time. Besides, was my own fault for charging into a group of them."

"So I'm just supposed to let your suffer for doing your job out here?" Druis asked, backing up against her as a mage blasted at him, gritting his teeth as he dropped a spell and trying again.

"No, you're supposed to do yours, as you are ordered to do it. Otherwise, what is the point of the Order organzing us?" Aos said, pressing back against him as a Matis with a large axe charged up, slashing at her chest as the tryker woman hit her legs.

"Save your lover's spat for after the battle, please!" Salazar yelled as the group got swarmed by Kamists. Aos smashed her shield down on the tryker woman's head, then kicked the dazed homin away as she countered the axe with her blade. The man turned his axe with his next blow, slamming it down on her arm with a sickening sound, and she lost ahold of her sword, just barely catching it in time with her other hand.

"Prepared to die, little Karavaneer?" the man growled at her as he raised his axe again. Aos weakly held up her sword to prepare an attempt to counter it, then watched as he was thrown back by volleys of magic and let out a sigh of relief. She retreated back by the others, pulling off her helmet and throwing it aside as the attackers slowly withdrew. The zorai girl turned and walked over to the Argoanuts, only to slip and fall onto her back in the mud.

"Argh!" she let out the frustrated cry. Druis trotted over, leaning down close to her for a moment as he wrapped his arms around her waist, preparing to help hoist her back to her feet.

"I'd take you just like that if I could." he murmured softly in her ear before helping her up, making her blush. "Are you alright?"

"Yes and no. I can't feel my right arm, the one I fight with." Aos sighed. Salazar walked over, prying off her sleeve.

"Broken, I'm afraid. I could set it, but can't tend to it properly out here." the Argonaut told her.

"You should return to the hall." Eta said as he walked over and looked at her with concern.

"Must I?" Aos whimpered. "I have my aplifiers with me, I could heal..."

"You'll hurt your arm more that way. Please, Aos... go home." the older Matis said, putting a hand on her shoulder. She lowered her head.

"Yes, Master Eta... as you wish." she sighed concededly, trying to reach into her pocket for a pact. "I... um..."

"Here." Druis reached into her pocket and pulled it out for her, tearing it and putting it in her hand. "Love you..."

"You, too." Aos murmured as she disappeared.

"Perhaps now you'll be able to focus as well?" Eta said acidly, looking down at the tryker as the others braced themselves for the next wave of battle. "And possibly listen to orders?"

"Yessir." Druis mumbled, resisting the urge to say something that would only cause more trouble for himself as he moved to Salazar's side. "Going to criticize me as well?"

"Think I should?" the Matis asked mildly.

"I'd rather you didn't." the shorter healer turned and sent out his first spell of the next bit of combat as Thy kissed Salazar before running back into the battle. "I don't know how you do it."

"Practice, sadly." his Argonaut said quietly.

Just another day

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Like I already said! this is a glorious story! I like it very much. :-)

May Heaven smile and the Devil have mercy.


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Beautiful story or at least as beautiful as war could be through the written word ^^
So we are - the argonauts. Well written, well fitting =)

Animated originals by Dusan Cezek

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